“A passionate meditation on art wrapped in a hilarious sendup of artistic pretentions.” Kirkus [starred review]


One drink.

And you can create an artistic masterpiece. Fame. Fortune. A legacy.

But shortly thereafter you may die.

Do you still drink? Maybe a sip.

Maybe a swish.

It’s just water, right?

A literary dramedy in the vein of Vonnegut, Nabokov, and Monty Python.

Have a drink and watch the trailer…

Check out what the readers are saying…

“DSH is a master of plot. This thing moves like a thriller. It is literally one of the best things I’ve read all year. Darkly funny… a howling success!”

Pinckney Benedict

Miracle Boy and Other Stories

“David Scott Hay has done a something incredible – an artful book about an arty subject that doesn’t drop into pretension. ‘Fountain’ is an affecting story about tough, interesting people who hold beauty up like Achilles’ shield against a very real, very bitter, and oddly funny world. A must for fans of sharp tongues and sharp writing.”

Darren Callahan

City of Human Remains, The White Airplane & Horror Academy: Two Plays

“A truly unique and imaginative combination between Alan Ball, Raymond Chandler, Kafka, Walter Mosley, Elmore Leonard and even three fingers of Mickey Spillane.”

David Barr III

Black Ceasar, Red Death, The Face of Emmett Till



Makes a mean old fashioned and the best ribs on the block. He’s originally from OKC and lost the tip of a finger in a chop saw incident in the Windy City on his way to the City of Angels.

He now lives in a valley between the ocean, the mountains, and the desert with his wife, son, dog, chickens and a dozen typewriters.

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“DSH’s writing is witty, smart, and precise.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“This scribe has a great linguistic flair.” – Variety

“A wonderfully smart, inventive, and accomplished novel.” – Naeem Murr, Nude

“A mercurial talent.” – Jay Bonansinga, The Walking Dead novels

“Frankly, it’s brilliant.” – Fred Leebron, Welcome to Christiania