[PANK] Magazine interviews David Scott Hay

Hi folks,

Honored and pleased to have done this interview with Damien Roos at [PANK] Magazine.

Brooklyn Book Fair, Whiskey Tit The Fountain
My first official stamp, signed and sold to a human. (this is not Damien)

Damien bought The Fountain back in October at the Brooklyn Book Fair, my official unofficial launch. He read it and responded it to it. We poured a couple over ZOOM and had a few laughs.

“The Fountain is a mad dash, meta and epic and loud. Hay shreds fine art culture and all its pretensions, sounding the call for true artists to do the very thing they were born to do: Create.”


In this interview, we cover a range of topics such as authenticity in art, drugs as a creative crutch and Ted Lasso. Also, we drink.

Damien Roos: I decided on Yuengling Black & Tan for this interview. It’s sort of a November go-to for me. I assume you’re drinking the patented Old Fashioned you mention in your author bio? 

David Scott Hay: Yes, with less of the simple syrup in this batch. I’m actually drinking it out of a Whiskey Tit glass. Swag from the publisher. Can you see the logo?

DR: Oh, that’s nice. Yes, the W logo.

DSH: When I pitched Miette, the editor of Whiskey Tit, my first line was, “If we end up working together, I’m going to get a tattoo of your logo.” And then I flew out to AWP (Association of Writers and Writers Programs) to meet her. This was just a year and a half ago, right before everything got locked down. And Miette was like, “Where’s the tattoo?” and I was like, “Where’s the book?”

DR: [laughs] 

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